We officially support Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and newer. 32-bit is supported out of the box, but 64-bit requires installation of the 32-bit compatability libraries (see below).

Other distros may work, but due to the huge variety of platforms available, we are unable to support them directly. If you have success with a different distribution or configuration, please use this page to post any special steps you took to get Just Tactics working.

Architecture ("bitness")

Just Tactics should work out of the box on 32-bit versions. For 64-bit distributions, please install the 32-bit compatability libraries. On Ubuntu the libraries are in a package called 'ia32-libs'. These can be installed with Synaptic Package Manager by searching for 'ia32-libs', or from the terminal with:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Graphics CardEdit


Just Tactics does not support the open source graphics drivers for AMD and nVidia devices (the 'ati' and 'nv' modules, respectively). Instead, you will need to install the official proprietary drivers. In Ubuntu, these can be installed from Settings -> Additional Drivers. If you're using a different distribution, you can find the drivers on your video card manufacturer's website.

If you're not sure whether you're running the proprietary drivers, you can open a terminal and issue this command:


If you have an nVidia graphics card, the list of modules should include one called 'nvidia'. If you have an AMD graphics card, the list should include 'fglrx'. If neither of those modules show up, or if you have a module called 'ati' or 'nv', then you are not using the manufacturer-supplied graphics drivers, and Just Tactics will not operate correctly.

nVidia OptimusEdit

If you use the bumblebee project to enable nVidia Optimus support on Linux, you may find that Just Tactics does not work as expected. In specific, the match client may fail with "[VGL] ERROR: Could not open display :8". This is a known issue with the bumblebee workaround. The procedure listed in the bumblebee troubleshooting guide should allow Just Tactics to execute properly.

In short, you should start Just Tactics with the following:

$ optirun bash
$ cd /home/example/JustTactics
$ ./JustTactics



You need an audio playback device available or Just Tactics will not start correctly.

If you are not using a sound multiplexer such as PulseAudio, you may find that Just Tactics will not start if another audio application (such as a music player or Adobe Flash) is running. As a workaround, you can close all other applications that use the sound card while you're playing Just Tactics. A better solution is to install PulseAudio, which will allow an unlimited number of applications to share the sound card at one time. By default, supported versions of Ubuntu ship with PulseAudio enabled.