You use Action Points (AP) to move when it is the Movement Phase. When you Left Click one of your own units, the squares that your unit can move to are highlighted. When you scroll over one of the highlighted squares, the path that you will take to get to that square is drawn. Left Click the square and your unit will move to it. You can move as many units as you want during your Movement Phase.

The Movement Phase is also your opportunity to enter Combat. If you select a friendly unit that is Combat Ready, and then Left Click an enemy unit, you will enter combat. When the Combat is over, you return to your Movement Phase; you can then continue moving units, playing Cards, and or entering new Combats as you wish. When you are done moving units, playing Cards, and initiating combats, click End Turn to pass the turn to your opponent.

Any AP that you do not spend during your turn, you can potentially use on your opponent's turn if you trigger a Reflex Phase.

Movement Direction

AP Cost

Up, Down, Left or Right 2 AP per square
Diagonal 3 AP per square
Teleporting 3 AP per hop


  • Diagonal movement is blocked when you are not in open space (i.e. you cannot move diagonally around the corner of a building and you cannot move diagonally around other Units. Disclaimer: there are a few odd exceptions where you can move diagonally when you shouldn't be able to (they do not break any rules)...see if you can find them.
  • If your Unit is in the middle of moving, and it discovers a new enemy Unit that was in the Fog of War, your Unit will immediately halt. You can then decide what to do now that you know about this new enemy Unit.