130122 ControlTower

A Control Tower held by an adjacent Extensor.

A match of Just Tactics lasts 20 turns. At the end of 20 turns the player with most points wins.

Players receive points throughout the game for the following:

1. Killing enemy units. Every time you kill an enemy unit, that unit's Value (VA) is added to your point total. If you kill an enemy unit with Call Cards attached to it, you get the Value of those Call Cards as well. This waterfall effect only cascades once, i.e. if you kill a Rex that is carrying a Tomte, you get the Value of the Rex and the Value of the Tomte added to your point total, you do not also get the value of the Call Cards that Tomte was carrying. Note: killing your own units gives points to your enemy, nice try.

2. Holding Control Towers. You get points at the beginning of each of your Upkeeps for holding Control Towers. The more towers you hold the better.

You get points according to this formula:  5n2 + 5n

n Points/Turn
1 Control Tower 10
2 Control Towers 30
3 Control Towers 60
Control Towers 100
Control Towers 150
Control Towers 210
Control Towers 280
Control Towers 360
9 Control Towers 450
10 Control Towers 550
11 Control Towers 660
12 Control Towers 780
13 Control Towers 910
14 Control Towers 1050

After 20 turns have been played, a final Control Tower survey is taken. Each player gets points added based on how many towers they are holding at the end of the game. 

130122 ScoreBoard 02

Scoreboard Breakdown

3. Going Second bonus. The player that goes second receives a 1 point bonus. This breaks a tie.

There are two ways for the game to end before the 20 turn limit is reached:

1. If you Annihilate the enemies' entire Deployment before 20 turns, the game will end and you'll receive 50,000 bonus points.

2. If your enemy runs out of time before the 20 turn limit is reached, the game will end. For having time left on your clock you are granted a 50,000 point bonus.

Separate from the point system there is an Inactivity Timer. If you are inactive for two minutes you lose - even if you are ahead in points. To avoid being inactive just do something, anything, move a unit, play a card, hit "End Turn." Doing anything other than staring at the map will prevent you from forfeiting for being Inactive.